ThriveAP Employer Webinars

Are you curious about transition to practice? Now you have the chance to learn from your peer experts on the topics and insights that matter most to NP and PA leaders.

Transition to Practice Education, Guidance & Trending Insights for NP & PA Leaders

Since 2012, ThriveAP has partnered with employers and transition to practice programs to provide end-to-end education and support for advanced practice providers. To further our goal of providing knowledge-sharing, enhanced educational experiences, and support the growing healthcare industry, we host timely ThriveAP employer webinars on the topics that impact APP leaders most.


  •   What Are The Webinar Topics?

  • ThriveAP has identified thought-leadership concepts around the topic of transition to practice that are aimed to help employers better conceptualize and operationalize a transition to practice solution at their organization.
  •   Who Are The Speakers & Presenters?

  • At ThriveAP,  we view our employer community as a crucial component to NP and PA success. You are the foremost expert when it comes to what your day-to-day challenges and goals reflect. As such, the speakers and presenters in our webinars are experts we feel are exemplary stewards of transition to practice and contribute considerable knowledge to the discussion of APP success.

Strategies to Leverage APPs in Emergency Medicine

Featured Webinar Brought in Partnership with AAENP

Optimize integrated healthcare delivery in emergency medicine by better leveraging your advanced practice providers (APPs) workforce. The growth of APPs entering practice, paired with evolving APP scope of practice, continued physician shortages in some areas and turnover rates, presents unique opportunities for healthcare systems. As the complexity of emergency care delivery is increasing, this webinar will explore strategies to maximize efficiencies in the ER to promote system sustainability.

In this webinar our expert panel discussed the intricacies of providing care as APPs in EM. 


Let Our Team Help You Achieve Your Goals

Our reliable and seasoned team is excited to help you achieve your transition to practice goals. The team is readily available to consult on the optimal solution to drive success for your organization, NPs and PAs. Our team will provide guidance to help you and your clinicians thrive in practice. Get started today.