Online Clinical Skills Training & Professional Development for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

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Since 2012, ThriveAP has partnered with employers and fellowship programs to provide end-to-end education and support for advanced practice providers as they transition to practice. Our blend of mentorship, community, and relevant curriculum fosters clinical confidence and improved outcomes for providers, patients, and employers. We support and empower providers, and the facilities that employ them, to become more proficient, productive, and confident.

The Road to Becoming the First Name in NP & PA Transition to Practice Solutions


    Due to primary care shortages & the increased complexity of patient care, the National Academy of Medicine called for transition to practice programs

  • 2012_TIMELINE

    ThriveAP is founded as a virtual career development & educational resource
    Subscriber | Visitor Base > 1M annually

  • 2015-TIMELINE

    Again, the National Academy of Medicine calls for programs to bridge education to practice for APPs

  • 2016-TIMELINE

    Launched Family Medicine Program with employers and providers in mind. Goal to improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, performance & retention

  • 2022-TIMELINE
    Due to APP role expansion & resounding market demand, ThriveAP launches Medical SpecialtiesHospital Medicine 
  • 2023-TIMELINE
    Launched Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine, Convenient Care, Cardiology, Psych Mental Health, Rise & Thrive Series, & ThriveJourney.

Enhanced Online Clinical Skills Training

An enhanced educational experience, with 90-minute weekly live, virtual courses, that help employers accelerate APP application of clinical skills by translating topics covered in school to real-world practice.

  • 12-month program with 46 weekly didactic, live, virtual courses
  • 10 critical curriculum blocks
  • Expert instruction taught by board certified, practicing faculty
  • Access to live, dynamic Rise & Thrive Workshop Series
  • Learning Management System to manage & deliver curriculum
  • Scalable virtual program designed to integrate seamlessly with work schedules
  • Rolling enrollment

Hear About Our Turnkey Solution

Innovative Professional Development for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Associates

Our live and virtual educational curriculums help advanced practice providers build a supportive community and accelerate their skills, empowering providers to practice with confidence at the top of licensure.

  • Professional networking - interact directly with classmates and faculty to build a supportive community
  • 90-100+ CME/CE credit hours for participants (dependent upon curriculum)
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and office hours
  • Weekly discussions and 'journal club style' clinical corners
  • Track provider progress with employer reporting
  • Flexible payments for CME/CE allowance or out of pocket

Who Is Eligible to Participate?

NPs and PAs currently employed in a primary care or medical specialties, or similar, setting are eligible to enroll in the ThriveAP program.

Who will gain the most value out of the program?

  • Providers with less than five years of experience
  • APPs changing specialties
  • RNs moving to APRN in the same practice
  • Providers with 10 or more years of experience
  • Providers who are collaborative, eager, and dedicated!

“The experiences with the weekly courses gave me more confidence and great tools to reflect back on. It was an excellent program and I recommend it to anybody.”

- Danielle Brainerd, APRN, FNP-C, Ascension Primary Care Union City, Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent
ThriveAP’s Online Clinical Skills Training & Professional Development: Frequently Asked Questions

As perpetually overstretched roles, NPs and PAs don’t have time to waste when it comes to accelerating from clinical knowledge to clinical confidence. ThriveAP has compiled the most common questions about our solution here.

What is included in ThriveAP’s transition to practice curriculums?
  • 10 critical curriculum blocks
  • Scalable virtual program designed to integrate seamlessly with work schedules
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and office hours
  • Approved for CME/CE credit through ANCC and AAPA 
  • Flexible payments for CME/CE allowance or out of pocket
  • Rolling enrollment
  • Community support – interact directly with classmates and speakers
Who is eligible?

Participating providers with less than five years of experience, and more experienced providers with 10 or more years of experience will benefit the most.

NPs and PAs currently employed in a primary care or acute care, or a similar, setting.

What is the timeline for enrollment?

We offer rolling enrollment with flexible program start dates throughout the year. Apply or enroll your APPs at any time!

How do I find time to participate?

ThriveAP integrates into providers’ workdays with 90-minute weekly sessions. in the event providers are unable  to attend it live, they’ll have access to the recorded fellowship sessions.

How do I pay for ThriveAP?

We offer flexible payment options for self-enrolling providers, including an option to apply CME allowance toward the cost of the program. Apply here

For Healthcare Employers we offer scalable solutions that can range dependent upon the volume of providers enrolled in the program. Let’s discuss.

What People Are Saying About ThriveAP’s Online Clinical Skills Training & Professional Development

“I am passionate about helping our newest Advanced Practice Providers transition into practice, working with ThriveAP made it all possible. Together we will grow confident clinicians and facilitate high quality patient experiences.”
"Being enrolled in the ThriveAP program has been super helpful. I learned a lot that I didn't learn in my NP program, or if I did, having not put it into practice I didn't understand the intricacies."
"A couple of years ago, our CEO made an important strategic decision to “invest” in the onboarding of our brand new nurse practitioners and physician assistants by enrolling them in ThriveAP. It has turned out to be beneficial to Johnson Health Center and a terrific complement to our providers’ ongoing training, providing them with essential ‘just-in-time’ knowledge and skill building. We highly recommend ThriveAP for your new NP or PA."
“I would encourage anybody, any way you can work with the NP to make both your time more effective, is a win-win. I have certainly seen that through the ThriveAP Program. I am sold on the partnership. The program itself is making participants more confident.”

Ready to Invest in the Future of Your Nurse Practitioners and Physician Associates?

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