Education & Training for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

Promote efficiency, engagement and efficacy in your advance practice workforce with education and support programs for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Our Turnkey NP & PA Training Programs Support Transition to Practice

Enhanced educational experience, with weekly live, virtual courses, that help employers accelerate APP application of clinical skills by translating topics covered in school to real-world practice.

  • 12-month programs with 46 weekly didactic, live, virtual courses
  • 10 critical curriculum blocks
  • Expert instruction taught by board certified, practicing adjunct faculty
  • Track provider progress with customized employer reporting, quarterly business reviews, and clinical support 
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and office hours
  • Learning Management System to manage & deliver curriculums
  • Scalable virtual programs designed to integrate seamlessly with work schedules
  • Rolling enrollment

Drive Competency, Retention & Efficiency with the ThriveAP NP & PA Training Program

Our programs benefit employers and providers, here are a few ways integrating our virtual curriculums into your fellowship or residency will help:

  • Increases in RVUs per patient seen & overall (see the case study)
  • Improved chart closures, onboarding process, documentation, HCCs, & RAFs
  • Increased retention, talent acquisition, & reduction in turnover & recruitment costs
  • Enhanced organizational performance
  • Increased provider satisfaction
  • Accelerated skill development resulting in proficiency, productivity, & confidence
  • Impact & mitigate provider burnout
  • Better patient outcomes

Relevant, Accredited Curriculums & Training Courses

Our curriculums are comprehensive, we focus on what matters most, real-world clinical skills and professional development topics. Here are a few key didactic areas we cover:

primary care

Primary Care

ThriveAP understands the fundamental role advanced practice providers play in an ambulatory setting. We developed our curriculum with employers & providers in mind with the goal to improve retention, outcomes, increase satisfaction, performance, & influence key goals.

acute care

Medical Specialties

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants /Associates play a critical role in the delivery of inpatient care. ThriveAP aims to support APPs through a meaningful approach that will advance strategic growth, while driving provider confidence and meeting market-demand.


Gain a Competitive Advantage with ThriveAP’s
Transition to Practice Solutions:

Attract, recurit and retain the best provider talent with ThriveAP's transition to practice solutions. Check out our healthcare employer resources.

Hear About the Value of ThriveAP's Education & Training
for Healthcare Employers Bottom-Line

What Employers Are Saying

I am passionate about helping our newest Advanced Practice Providers transition into practice, working with ThriveAP made it all possible. Together we will grow confident clinicians and facilitate high quality patient experiences.

What Providers Are Saying

"Being enrolled in the ThriveAP program has been super helpful. I learned a lot that I didn't learn in my NP program, or if I did, having not put it into practice I didn't understand the intricacies."

What Employers Are Saying

A couple of years ago, our CEO made an important strategic decision to “invest” in the onboarding of our brand new nurse practitioners and physician assistants by enrolling them in ThriveAP. It has turned out to be beneficial to Johnson Health Center and a terrific complement to our providers’ ongoing training, providing them with essential ‘just-in-time’ knowledge and skill building. We highly recommend ThriveAP for your new NP or PA.

What Employers Are Saying

“I would encourage anybody, any way you can work with the NP to make both your time more effective, is a win-win. I have certainly seen that through the ThriveAP Program. I am sold on the partnership. The program itself is making participants more confident.”

Build a Successful Training Program with NPs & PAs Trained to Thrive

Decrease turnover, attract motivated talent, develop a higher standard of care, improve APP engagement, and increase productivity by partnering with ThriveAP.

Learn More About Outcomes

Talent Acquisition & Provider Satisfaction

Provide a compelling benefit package that attracts motivated and enthusiastic APPs while improving the onboarding process, providing support and mentorship, and developing confidence.

“The experiences with the weekly courses gave me more confidence and great tools to reflect back on. It was an excellent program and I recommend it to anybody.”

- Danielle Brainerd, APRN, FNP-C, Ascension Primary Care Union City, Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent

Increase Retention & Confidence

Address the provider retention crisis head on. Increase satisfaction and develop a higher standard of care by partnering with ThriveAP. We work with you to provide APPs with essential knowledge and skill development.

“ThriveAP’s programs are an excellent adjunct to help provide mentorship, solidify knowledge gaps, and ultimately yield increased confidence, retention, and productivity by our APP colleagues.”

- Israel Cordero, M.D., Middlesex Health Primary Care

Improve Patient Flow & Efficiency

By focusing on common diagnoses and real-world skills, we help providers become adept at lab interpretation, charting, documenting, managing patients, and more.

We have already found that our APPs are demonstrating greater confidence and competence in practice, and our collaborating physicians have expressed higher satisfaction with their performance and clinical judgment.” 

- Monica Ward, MPAS, PA-C, ATC and Director of Advanced Practice Professionals at BSWH’s HealthTexas Provider Network

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