About Us

We are a Nashville, Tennessee based company focused on educating advanced practice providers in an employer-friendly manner. The first name in APP continuing medical education - regardless of care setting or career stage.

Our Mission

ThriveAP is an education solution for advanced practice providers and the facilities that employ them. We are dedicated to helping NPs and PAs thrive - in every sense of the word. ThriveAP is focused on empowering clinicians both in and out of practice by standing alongside APPs from the beginning of their education throughout their careers. We aim to be the best, most trusted resource for the advanced practice workforce, and the first name in APP transition to practice. ThriveAP, at the center of proficiency, productivity, and confidence.

Our Values

At ThriveAP, we live and work by the following guiding principles:

  • Our Participants – We work diligently to ensure that participants in our programs receive the highest quality, most helpful education possible.
  • Our Clients – We aim to help our clients by being a steady, reliable voice, understanding their needs and helping them adopt the best strategy possible to help NPs and PAs thrive.
  • Our People – We know the work we do is important, and we’re passionate about it. Our team is strongest if we operate in an environment of mutual respect, and we contribute to it on a day-to-day basis.

Our People


Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned professionals dedicated to our participants, our clients, and our mission.

Partner Success

Our team of experts are readily available to ensure participant and employer experience is seamless and of the highest standard.

Clinical Faculty

Our expansive faculty network provides reliable didactic instruction, clinical leadership and support for NPs and PAs.

Join Our Team: Careers at ThriveAP

We want the best and brightest. We want people who reflect our core principle of mutual respect. We want diversity of opinion and background. We want people who care. We want people who are not only open to change, but actively embrace it. Even more than all of that, we want a team full of people who passionately believe ThriveAP’s mission is a worthwhile, important mission.

Contact Us

We look forward to connecting with you and respond to questions and comments as quickly as possible. For more information about our programs download the ThriveAP Packet. If you have something to share, we also suggest connecting with the NP and PA community by commenting on a blog post.