Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

Develop the competencies, practical skills , and confidence you need to optimize your performance. Learn how our virtual curriculums support you as you transition to practice-  thrive in your role.

Transition into Clinical Practice with Confidence

As NPs and PAs transition to practice you develop the skills, competencies and the practical knowledge necessary to optimally perform with proficiency, productivity, and confidence.
The ThriveAP curriculums help providers with didactic knowledge and skill development in a supportive clinical environment while facilitating application of what you learned in school to real world clinical practice.

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How ThriveAP Continuing Education for NPs & PAs Builds Proficiency, Productivity & Confidence

Our programs benefit providers, patients, and your employer. Here are a few benefits of virtual transition to practice curriculums that will help you thrive in practice (or help convince your company to sponsor your enrollment):

  • Clinical competency & professional development
  • Improved patient outcomes & overall satisfaction
  • Finding solutions
  • Increased confidence
  • Onboarding support & mentorship
  • Improved proficiency & efficiency
  • Enhanced patient experiences
  • Interacting with patients & healthcare team members
  • Supporting patients from appointment to prescription
  • Career satisfaction

Am I Eligible to Participate?

Currently employed NPs and PAs, in a primary care setting, are eligible to enroll in the ThriveAP program.

Who will gain the most value out of the program?

  • Advanced Practice Providers with less than five years of experience
  • APPs changing specialties
  • RNs moving to APRN in the same practice
  • Providers with 10 or more years of experience
  • Advanced Practice Providers who are collaborative, eager, and dedicated!

Relevant, Accredited Curriculums for NP & PA Continuing Education

Our curriculums are comprehensive, we focus on the full scope of practice, real-world clinical skills and professional development topics. 

primary care

Primary Care

Earn more than 120 CME/CE hours awarded upon successful competition, approved by the accrediting bodies ANCC and AAPA.

acute care

Medical Specialties

The ThriveAP Medical Specialties Program helps providers practice at the top of their licensure through our 12-month curriculum.


ANCC & AAPA CME/CE Credits for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants

More than 90-120 continuing education credit hours are available to providers upon successful completion of ThriveAP’s curriculum. ThriveAP's  Programs are approved for CME/CE through the accrediting bodies ANCC and AAPA.

Hear About Advanced Practice Provider Continuing Education Advantages

Ready to Thrive in Clinical Practice?

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ThriveAP’s Continuing Education for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants: Frequently Asked Questions

As perpetually overstretched roles, you don’t have time to waste when it comes to accelerating from clinical knowledge to clinical confidence. ThriveAP has compiled the most common questions about our programs here.

What is included in ThriveAP’s transition to practice programs?
  • 10 critical curriculum blocks
  • Scalable virtual programs designed to integrate seamlessly with work schedules
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and office hours
  • 90-120+ CME/CE credit hours for participants (dependent upon program)
  • Flexible payments for CME/CE allowance or out of pocket
  • Rolling enrollment
  • Community support – interact directly with classmates and speakers
Who is eligible?

Participating providers with less than five years of experience, and more experienced providers with 10 or more years experience will also benefit the most.

NPs and PAs currently employed in a primary care or acute care, or a similar, setting.

What is the timeline for enrollment?

Apply or enroll at any time. We offer rolling enrollment with flexible transition to practice program start dates throughout the year.

How do I find time to participate?

ThriveAP integrates into your workday with 90 minute weekly sessions. Employers are usually happy to accommodate schedules, but in the event you can’t make it live, you’ll have access to the recorded fellowship sessions and can still get your questions answered.

How do I pay for ThriveAP?

We offer flexible payment options, including an option to apply CME allowance toward the cost of the program. Learn more

What Providers Are Saying

The ThriveAP program was helpful clinically with excellent presentations that were pertinent for my first year. More than that, the relationships that were built were my saving grace. Being a new NP I was able to come to my Class Leader and the others and voice my frustrations, victories, and insecurities and I was heard. I would recommend this program for NP’s just starting out or returning to the workforce.

Brenda K., FNP

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Facilitate application of what you learned in school to real world clinical practice, and become a more confident, skilled advanced practice provider.