Begin your professional journey with ThriveJourney, tailored for aspiring nurse practitioners and physician associates who are eager to join the workforce. Serving as the initial stride towards a lifetime of growth, ThriveJourney paves the way for your success.

Embark on Your Advanced Practice Career with Confidence: Explore Our Course Catalog

Start your advanced practice career with confidence and set yourself on the right path with ThriveJourney. Our self-guided, on-demand courses provide expert guidance on topics not covered in school, taught by board-certified, actively practicing practitioners who have successfully navigated the same journey as you. Whether you're on your path to become an NP or PA, our lifelong learning approach helps you navigate the beginning of your career before licensure. Start your journey today and thrive in your advanced practice career.

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What is ThriveJourney?

Navigate your journey of lifelong learning with our guidance. Let our board-certified, actively practicing experts help you navigate the start of your career. Take the first step towards success with us.

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Board Prep Like a Pro

 This simplified guide to board certification preparation is packed with valuable tips, best practices, resources, and even a study calendar to help you efficiently prepare. 

COntract Negotiations-1

NP & PA Contract Negotiations 101

Equip yourself to confidently decipher contracts, inquire about essential details, and negotiate like seasoned experts using best practices and real-world tips.

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Credentialing & Privileging

Navigating through credentialing and privileging can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Our comprehensive guide will lead you through the roadmap to advanced practice- from obtaining a degree to acquiring licensure, including the necessary timelines. Cut the confusion and get set on the right path.


Making the Most of Clinical Experiences

Your clinical experiences are invaluable. They offer you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in a real-world setting, and to gain practical skills that will inform your future practice. It's important not to underestimate their significance. These expert tips will equip you to ensure a successful rotation.

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Transition into Clinical Practice

Congratulations on starting your advanced practice career! But what's next? ThriveAP has you covered with our transition to practice curriculums in primary care and acute care. These programs are specifically designed to support APPs in their first few years of practice, helping you thrive in your new career.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

If you don't find a course that can assist you in thriving on your path to licensure and NP or PA practice, please inform us! We value your feedback and are eager to expand our course offerings to support you on your journey.