ThriveAP Critical Care Program for Nurse Practitioners & Physician Associates

 A comprehensive curriculum designed to address the unique knowledge needs required to provide care to the critically ill patient via an
innovative live and virtual delivery platform.

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Critical Care PA & NP Continuing Education & Training Development

The ThriveAP Critical Care Program offers education to Nurse Practitioners & Physician Associates for the purpose of providing safe, efficient and compassionate adult critical care by developing the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to enter the practice of critical care, and establishing a foundation for continued professional growth. 

To achieve this goal, ThriveAP has developed a critical care curriculum consisting of 10 core blocks:

1.  Fundamentals
2.  Respiratory
3.  Cardiac 
4.  Kidney
5.  GI

6.  Neurology
7.  Infectious Disease
8.  Hematology / Oncology
9.  Endocrine
10.  Palliative Care & Psych

Multidisciplinary Alignment

Understand & become equipped to thrive in
multidisciplinary teams while managing patients who are critically ill or in traumatic status

Online Critical Care Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Program

Professional Development & Critical Care Nurse Practitioner & Physician Associate Discussions

Professional Development

Leadership insights to help providers approach and manage career efficiency. Featured topics:

  • Managing Difficult Patients
  • Collaboration & Working in Multidisciplinary Teams
  • Burnout & Self Care

Clinical Discussions

Emphasize knowledge application through translating clinical topics. Featured discussions: 

  • POC US in the ICU
  • Time Management On-Call & Off-Hours
  • Burns & Wound Care

Rise & Thrive CE Workshop Series

Providers enrolled in ThriveAP’s Critical Care curriculum gain access to dynamic, in-depth provider workshops focused on trending, hot topics NPs and PAs face daily in practice. Rise & Thrive Workshops are a structured benefit for participants but also available for purchase as a series subscription for providers not enrolled in a ThriveAP transition to practice curriculum. 

  • 12-monthly, Saturday morning workshops
  • Approved for CME/CE hours by the accrediting bodies ANCC and AAPA
  • Focused on new & emerging didactic information providers need to know
  • Sample Topics include: Dementia: Differentials, Work-Up & Management; Interpreting EKG's: Basic & Advanced; X-Ray Interpretation
  • ThriveAP participants gain access to workshop series as an added value to their curriculum

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