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It may sound simple, but the quality of delivery is  as critical as the quality of the curriculum. That’s why we offer one aligned platform connecting learning insights, flexibility, and ease of use for instructor-led training.

Turn-Key Virtual Learning For You and Your Organization

Innovative care begins with access to accessible education. Virtual education creates a higher standard of care for your organization and increases your facility's ability to thrive. Through ThriveAP's nuanced delivery of learning resources, expect to experience:

  • 12-month program with 46 weekly, didactic live sessions- all delivered virtually
  • Rise & Thrive live,
    dynamic workshops exploring hot topics and challenges APPs are faced with daily
  • Expert instructors & speakers, 1-on-1 mentoring and office hours
  • Scalable 90-minute virtual courses designed to integrate seamlessly with work schedules
  • Rolling enrollment Learning Management System to manage & deliver curriculum
  • Track provider progress with employer specific reporting & check-in discussions

Support APPs

Office Hours

ThriveAP is proud to offer additional educational support through ‘Office Hours.’ Your provider has the ability to schedule optional 1-on-1 time with their class leaders to further explore clinical or professional development topics. ‘Office Hours’ empowers clinicians to explore additional knowledge sharing outside regularly scheduled lectures and discussions.

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Measure Progress

Provider Reports

Employers receive quarterly updates on provider progress that includes available data including: start/end date, attendance rate, curriculum blocks completed, exam scores, and average feedback evaluation review.



Hold Quarterly Calls

Check-In Discussions

In conjunction with quarterly provider progress reports, ThriveAP will coordinate quarterly check-in calls to discuss the report. The check-in calls will cover important curriculum updates or announcements, review provider evaluation feedback, and upcoming or anticipated enrollments.

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Hear About the Unique ThriveAP Experience

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What Employers Are Saying About ThriveAP’s Transition to Practice Model

“I am passionate about helping our newest Advanced Practice Providers transition into practice, working with ThriveAP made it all possible. Together we will grow confident clinicians and facilitate high quality patient experiences.”
"Being enrolled in the ThriveAP program has been super helpful. I learned a lot that I didn't learn in my NP program, or if I did, having not put it into practice I didn't understand the intricacies."
"A couple of years ago, our CEO made an important strategic decision to “invest” in the onboarding of our brand new nurse practitioners and physician assistants by enrolling them in ThriveAP. It has turned out to be beneficial to Johnson Health Center and a terrific complement to our providers’ ongoing training, providing them with essential ‘just-in-time’ knowledge and skill building. We highly recommend ThriveAP for your new NP or PA."
“I would encourage anybody, any way you can work with the NP to make both your time more effective, is a win-win. I have certainly seen that through the ThriveAP Program. I am sold on the partnership. The program itself is making participants more confident.”

Ready to Adopt Thrive AP’s Turn-Key Educational Experience

If you’re ready to get started with ThriveAP’s transition to practice curriculum  or you have questions about our unique and innovative solution , we’re happy to help! 

Ready to Thrive?

Learn how ThriveAP programs take the anxiety out of your NPs and PAs initial years of practice and helps you develop more confident, skilled advanced practice providers. Ready to get started now? Contact us today.